Fine Tuning The Wrong Channel

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Back in the day radios had two dials, one which moved quickly between channels and another which was used to fine tune a channel.

For years I have been hearing about the magic of testing and how retailers like are seeing improvements in conversion rates by simply changing Buy Now to Add to Cart.  These amazing stories emphasize the power of the fine tune dial.  There has been so much buzz about testing that retail CEO’s who’ve picked up the gossip in magazines and conferences believe that by simply changing their site’s head banner from blue to orange will somehow make more people convert.  Look, I am a huge fan of testing, testing is critically important but sometimes you have to look at the main dial before fiddling with the fine tune.

As a small retailer you have to resist the temptation of playing with the fine tune dial till you’ve crisply articulated your unique value proposition and defined core strategy.

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