Fail: Capital One

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How is this …

… any different from saying- “Write a positive product review and we’ll buy you something valuable.”?

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  1. It’s totally different, because when you like something on Facebook, the Page can then send you updates that appear in your news stream.

    So although it’s perhaps crass to bribe people, I’d say that Facebook people probably realize that they’re bribing them to sign up for permission based future updates and not to somehow convince their friends that they love Capital One.

    Giving people an incentive to follow your company Fan page is a very common and accepted practice for Facebook marketing, I think.

    I personally hate “liking’ companies, because I don’t want that bullshit polluting my Facebook data stream. I mostly only “like” my competitors, to see what they are up to.

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  2. Facebook is a quick and easy platform to use to test your marketing ideas… As to it’s effectiveness, I’m not sure what Capital One is doing with the eyeballs and if they can convert it to cash.

    Since they have a tournament tie-in, I’m sure they’re interested in leveraging that in any way possible.

    I have to agree though, I don’t like that crap in my news stream.

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      5 minutes after receiving the Capital One email I checked their Facebook page. They had 2,400 odd fans. This morning they have 25,344 fans. So, in a way, the email is working. But this is a biased group. Who knows how profitable they are for Capital One. Either way, I don’t like this campaign.

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