Exit-Intent Discount (A.K.A. Digital Begging)

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They’ll come to you with reams of data. It’ll be very convincing. It’ll seem like you have no choice.

But don’t do it.

I’m talking about adding exit-intent discounts to your site. Or, as I call, it: digital begging.

Here is one example but digital begging is a plague spreading all over the ecommerce ecosystem:

Exit Intent popup. 15% discount.

We need to aware of the long term consequences of this:

— Is this training shoppers to only buy when incentivized with discounts? Can the addiction be turned off once it takes hold?

— What does this do to our brand perception?

— How does this impact our company culture? Does it take focus away from “build the best product” or “have the best customer service” to “convert at all costs”?

— Can we control this arms race? Surely, our competitors will notice and match us. If they do what’s our next move? Is that really a game worth playing?

So, what is one to do?

You can get creative. For example, you could show an exit-intent popup like this:

Here’s the copy (you can certainly make this more subtle):


Many sites show a popup with a discount code when people are about to leave a site.

Do you know how this discount is given? The retailer first marks up their prices by 10%. Then, for people about to leave offer a 10% discount. So people who get the discount pay the actual price and the rest end up paying more than they had to. Horrible.

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