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  1. Hi,

    I noticed you have started to only provide video posts. Are you finding click rate in your email go up or stay the same?

    I find I read your emails on the way to work, but with video I havent bothered to watch any because im on the bus. I may actually unsubscribe because of the format. Have you thought about doing a video + text?

    Just my 2 cents. Great content though (from all your prev posts)

    Cheers, Manny

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      Hi, Manny. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate the feedback. I don’t know about clickthrough rates for video posts. I have been using more video because it’s sometimes easier to show/describe a concept with video. I have had one other reader suggest the same thing you did (video + text).

      I’ll make an effort to include written version for video posts.

      This weekend I wrote 3 long-form articles. 2 of the ideas are concepts I am really excited about. I’ll be posting them shortly.


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