It Doesn’t Always Matter How You Engage Visitors on Your Landing Page, Just That You Do’s paid ad (displayed in my Gmail)–


Their landing page–

On this landing page, you’re bound to notice this interface–


Showing available 800 numbers so high in the conversion funnel seems unimportant, but it’s a very intentional tactic to get landing traffic to click around. Curious visitors (which is all of us) will play around and click the radio button adjacent to the 800 number they like best. The interface is inviting and begs being clicked because it seems so harmless. Picking a favorite 800 number from a list doesn’t require much commitment from the visitor.

Engaging visitors on the landing page is super important. Most bounce immediately, not even giving the business a chance to make a proper pitch. However, if they spend a little more time it’s much more likely that some aspect of the sales pitch will click. Asking visitors to pick from a random assortment of available 800 numbers has just one purpose– getting them to click Continue to Calling Page button.

FreedomVoice knows they have a much better chance generating conversions on the next page.

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