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There is a stage when a recipient, for the first time, does not read your message. This could be followed by a second and a third time. After a point deleting your message becomes habitual. I do this all the time too, I used to read Men’s Warehouse messages but then stopped at some point and now I just delete them each time, its not like I don’t like the brand I’m just plagued by habit. As a marketer two alternatives emerge:

– Rekindle the relationship through a special ‘wake up’ message
– Stop sending messages for a couple of months

Lets explore both options. Solution one makes sense but can only work if the ‘wake up’ really delivers a punch. Alternative two draws attention through a broken habit; lets assume I get an email from a retailers every 2 weeks and so every 2 weeks I see the retailers name on my inbox and automatically add it to my trash. Now, if the retailer missed 4 cycles (2 months) and then suddenly sent a ‘wake up’ message it might get my attention. Obviously this is just a theory and marketers will have to test it on a significantly relevant sample size to know if it really works.

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