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Every chance you get think about your marketing message from the other perspective. When you do this it’ll reveal new conversion ideas.

Illustrative example. Ora sells a vegan vitamin D supplement. Here is their page:

Ora vegan vitamin D supplement page.

It’s really well designed and we’re sure it’s working for 80% of visitors. But in order to improve conversions, we shouldn’t think about the 80% that are converting, we should think about the 20% that aren’t.

We need to think about all the reasons why these 20% didn’t buy. One reason someone may have decided against buying is that they feel $16.99 is too much money for a supplement. A quick Google search reveals vitamin D supplements are available for less online. So if this is a potential pushback it’s our job to address the elephant in the room.

Here is what we would have done on In the screenshot below, you’ll notice we added a Quality Matters link and placed it immediately to the right of the price point. This was done because users who have questions about price usually have it when they see the price tag so we wanted the answer to be nearby:

Ora vegan vitamin D supplement page with our tweak.

And when the link is clicked here is the popup message:

Applying buyer psychology to the popup message.

Is this the best popup message? Probably not. And this is why we would A/B test 20 versions till we get it totally dialed in.

But the bigger point is this:

— If a high percentage of page visitors click the Quality Matters link it’s a signal that that’s a question people are having.

— If very few click Quality Matters link it might suggest price wasn’t a concern in the first place.

— If the people who click Quality Matters and read our message convert it means we’ve nailed it.

— If people read the popup explanation and don’t covert it means our explanation wasn’t convincing. But that’s ok because we’ll keep on tweaking the message till all that’s left is a sequence of words that just works.

Would love your quick feedback on this idea:   

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  1. Absolutely genius! I wish I started focusing on CRO earlier. Everything you post is so interesting. I have to figure out how to utilize this.

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  2. Great stuff Rishi! I love the bonus insights from the amount of times that link is clicked. I think the copy and justification is spot on. You turn the price into a selling point.

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  3. I love this idea!
    Seems on our website we get plenty of folks to the product page, but then a HUGE drop off.

    And having this link “Quality Matters” seems to take away the price sensitivity and apprehension. It’s like saying THIS PRODUCT IS WORTH IT!, without saying that.

    I’m redoing my mobile product page and I may “borrow” your idea Rishi!

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      This idea will definitely help. And there is data to back this. This is something I have A/B tested with great success. A client was so blown away they even wrote a testimonial simply based on this 1 test. Do it, Ron!

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