Do You Know What Decoy Effect Is?

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Decoy Effect definition

Simply put, Decoy Effect is where the marketer is presenting the user a bunch of options where some of the presented options are intentionally bad. This is done to make the alternate option look extra good. If this definition isn’t good enough for you you can get a more “technical” definition on Wikipedia (you’ll find our definition is more practical for a marketer)

“Rishi, I want to see a Decoy Effect example, not just a definition”

Ok, ok, let’s look at this pricing table from Vistaprint. I was looking to get a bundle of business cards, filled in my info, and landed on this pricing page. Study the image below and you’ll see how Vistaprint is brilliant using Decoy Effect in their marketing:

Vistaprint Decoy Effect
Vistaprint Decoy Effect example

Video explanation of what we’re seeing above:

A little about us

Thank you for reading this Decoy Effect article. We are Frictionless Commerce and over the last 11 years, we’ve thought about just one thing: how do we get online shoppers to convert? We’re fascinated by buyer psychology. Once we’ve understood how your site visitor thinks we use our 9 point copywriting process to convince and convert them.

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