David and Goliath

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Many mid-sized e-tailers believe that the Amazons of the world have too much of a lead on them.  This isn’t true.  Every week I notice one major error at one large ecommerce site.  An example— screenshot below is of kohls.com subcategory page—


You’ll notice I’ve highlighted product reviews with red boxes in screenshot.  Here’s the funny part— if you visit any of the red box highlighted product pages you will see NO link to see reviews for that item.  Don’t think kohls.com could make such a blunder?  Check it out for yourself— http://www.kohls.com/catalog/mens-clearance-clothing.jsp?CN=4294723349+4294736457+4294719810&icid=hpmf|mfs3

Since kohls.com is such a big site it’s going to take their team weeks to notice this error.  It’s also possible that they’ll never catch it and it’ll continue leaking sales, indefinitely.

Hope you feel a little better about your own site now.  Have a great 2014.

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