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If engaged users on your site had a chance to meet you in person how many would end up buying? No reason why your site can't do just as well.

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  1. That store definitely has all the hallmarks of a cheap dropshipping store – their about us pages are often generic and cringey!

    Interesting concept of how they gain brand-equity juice.

    PS Nice article format, not too long for me!

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  2. Spot on Rishi. I came across a very similar situation on FB last week; i had googled dumbbells (they are impossible to find due to everyone having to shift to home workouts–see #8 in the Stackline article) and got retargeted by some company claiming to sell bowflex selecttechs (https://www.bowflex.com/selecttech/552/100131.html, $329 normal price, $999 on ebay now) for something like $89. I went through the same process you did and came to a similar–albeit less restrained:^)–conclusion. It was a temporary scam site. Thanks for shining a light on this.

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      It’s remarkably easy to misdirect users. People like you and me are web savvy, what about the vast majority? That’s what scares me.

      Thanks for commenting, Vince 🙂

  3. Chris makes a good point: the breadmaker site might just be dropshipping overpriced product, but actually fulfilling the orders. I’m pretty sure my dumbbell site was using a pure fraud model. :^)

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      Funny you say that. I was lounging Sunday morning, saw something strange, and started taking screenshots. So in a way the article is a replay of my steps. Glad you liked it.

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