Coupon or Discount Popup Not Boosting Conversions? Try Gamification

Many sites are now offering 10% or 15% off the shopper’s current or next purchase. These discounts are typically shown to the shopper in a popup. However, shoppers have become increasingly used to this. In effect, many have become desensitized—they instinctively close out of the popup before reading beyond a single phrase and, most importantly, before entering their email address.

If shoppers are becoming desensitized to this type of messaging and offer, what else can we do to drive more conversions?

Our idea is simple: challenge your shopper. In this example we’re using gamification to drive conversions.

Here is a discount popup that appears on

Current 15% off offer popup

And here is the alternate popup we’re proposing:

Our concept for an alternative popup that uses gamification

This idea is perfect for a site where there is an element of discovery: like a jewelry site, or a wallpaper design site, or a clothing store, etc. It’s basically a fun way to inspire new visitors to explore more of stuff because they’re liking seeing far too pages.

In our concept, we’re not offering a discount. Instead, we’re using gamification to encourage the shopper to explore the site. After conducting hundreds of split tests there are two things we definitely know about shoppers:

1: About 83% of the content on a site is invisible to shoppers. Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s seen.

2: The longer a shopper spends on your site and the more pages they see, the higher the likelihood they convert.

With those two insights in mind, it’s clear that if you can get more of your shoppers to visit more of your product pages, the higher the likelihood they will make a purchase.

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