Copywriting and Conversions

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Copywriting isn’t about grammar.

It’s about making a better guess about your buyer’s psychology.

The marketer on the left is betting the shopper experiencing toothache is thinking:

“I can’t bear this anymore. I need relief now.”

The marketer on the right is betting that the shopper is thinking:

“On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a 10.”

Today, the marketer on the right won.

Copywriting influences buyer psychology.
Copywriting example from a recent grocery store visit

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      The copywriters tried. In the end, I just went to the dentist. Sometimes, seeing a doctor in a white coat is all one needs 🙂

  1. I guess the buyer is probably going to choose the one that resonates with his state of mind most. One day it could be one of these and another day it could be the other one… even if the ingredients where identical 😜😜

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  2. Interesting, Rishi! Overall – Orajel has such strong branding and they do a good job of leveraging it by making the brand name large and easy to read. Better packaging overall. Also, interesting, as Orajel does have a Severe version (I have bought it!!) but I see their basic version on shelves more often. Guessing it works better having 2 versions, but wondering why they wouldn’t have ONE version that is both fast and for severe pain. Thanks, your point about what grabs the consumers attention is worth thinking about more often!!

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      Hi, Julie. It would be best if the copy emphasized BOTH points– severe and instant. That would clearly be the best performing version.

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