Conversions Explained

Generating a conversion is like filling a 10-quart bucket, where conversion happens moment water spills over.  This is how I look at it– your point of assurances (money back guarantee, low price guarantee, about us page, exclusively carried by us seal, over 5,000 units sold seal, product benefits listed on product pages, etc.) are 1-quart cups.  Every time a visitor interacts with these we add 1-quart to our 10-quart conversion bucket.  We need to add 10 cups to make water overflow and generate a conversion.

If we run a product page test where the variation page has 3 extra point of assurances, and if the test doesn’t lift conversions it doesn’t mean those point of assurances weren’t important.  What it means is that what ever point of assurances the visitor interacted with before reaching this page + the three on this page didn’t add up to 10-quarts.  We just need to address more shopper fears, uncertainties and doubts.

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