Price Seems Too Good to Be True? See How to Combat Price Sensitivity

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Privé Revaux (not a client) is a manufacturer and seller of affordable, high-quality glasses. One of this company’s biggest selling points is their low prices. However, prices that are too low can have a negative effect on conversions. Price sensitivity is an important variable to address on all sites.

In the below image from one of Privé Revaux’s product pages, you can see that the pair of glasses is only $29.95. However, for a minority of shoppers—let’s say 10%—such a low price for something that’s typically +$100 seems too good to be true.

How the page looks currently

How do we convince them that this deal isn’t too good to be true?

To get these skeptical shoppers to stay on the page and convert, we need to use Narrative Control (learn more about Narrative Control). See the changes we made below:

Change 1:

We added a button below the price on all product pages that says “Why such great prices?”

We added WHY SUCH GREAT PRICES? button.

Change 2:

After clicking on “Why such great prices?”, the shopper will see the following lightbox window:

Popup message

What’s so special about this lightbox window? It directly addresses the concern of skeptical shoppers by explaining how Privé Revaux is able to offer such low prices.

Once these shoppers understand that Privé Revaux can offer low prices due to direct relationships with suppliers (this is hypothetical—Privé Revaux is not an actual client of ours), then more of them will convert.

Take a look at your site. Are you addressing your shoppers’ price sensitivity?

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