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I saw this very clever banner ad today:

It was well designed and from a retailer I recognized.  Normally, I’m not a sucker for online advertising but this “tabbed” day look grabbed my attention and the fact that the day was cleverly set to Wednesday when today is Wednesday really intrigued me (relevance!!).  The ad had achieved all it was responsible for.  I couldn’t resist moving my mouse to see what Banana Republic suggested for other days.  But the moment I clicked I realized I’d been deceived– this ad was just one solid image.  So I immediately closed the pop-up window without letting it load fully.

This blog post is a rant by some anonymous blogger with no knowledge about consumer marketing or access to numbers behind the campaign.  Should Banana Republic just take my opinion?  Absolutely not.

This is where analytics comes in.  All Banana Republic needs to do is measure landing page bounce.  If bounce is ridiculously high they can make one of two changes to the creative:

Simple change:  Insert text that says “Click to see other day looks”.  This ad is already quite good and I really do want to see other day looks, just don’t want to be surprised.

Complicated change:  Make the ad interactive so viewers can engage passively before visiting the landing page.

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