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There are hundreds of ecommerce best practices, and it’s hard to remember all of them. embodies the spirit of BetterRetail.  If you are new to BetterRetail no need to read archived posts– just head over to  Five minutes on the site will give you new insights for your own store.

Features I like best

  • “180 day trial & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL BOATS” available through 10/31/2009. Time limit on offer encourages visitors to take action.  If they don’t want to add to cart they can easily call their toll free number:
seaeagle - header
  • Allows customers to self-segment: self-segmentation
  • Fantastic use of customer testimonials (written and video) and loads of customer submitted “in use” photos: - customer photos
  • Video confidence builder: - video testimonial
  • Advertisement confidence builder: - current offers - micro-conversion 2
micro-conversion 2 - micro-conversion 1
Micro-conversion 1

1. Great tittle: “Ideal for Fishermen & weekend Boaters on a budget”
2. Quick bullets for competitive shoppers:

quick bullets for competitive shoppers
Quick Bullets

3. Emphasis on limited time sale offer for impulsive shoppers:

limited time sale for impulsive shoppers
Instance 1
limited time sale 2 for impulsive shoppers
Instance 2

4. Lots of customer submitted “in use” pictures + testimonials for humanistic shoppers:

But don't take our word for it - for humanistic shoppers

5. Lots of content + downloadable PDF spec sheets for methodical shoppers.

[Note: To learn more about humanistic, methodical, impulsive and competitive shoppers head over to ]

6. Product pages have been cleverly constructed for all kinds of potential buyers:

a.) SE 9 Startup Package for first time buyers
b.) SE 9 Fisherman’s Dream Package for the serious fisher
c.) SE 9 Motor Package for premium buyers

Let’s review the first time buyer experience.  This is the product page:

first time buyer product image

Everything here is perfect but what I find particularly innovative is that Sea Eagle understands a first time buyer might be interested in a used boat.  They even show how many they have in stock (3) and give great reason to buy one: - why buy used
Why buy used?

7. Final reassurance on add to cart:

final reassurance
Final reassurance

Other Case Study:

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