Can A Brand Over Advertise?

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We all realize that advertising is an excellent vehicle to propagate a brand promise.  We also know that for a brand to get registered its commercials need to play a set number of times. This part of the spectrum is well documented and understood, but what about over exposure, can it hurt? Or is it all positive?

In India online video media buying still seems to be in its nascency. Very few brands participate the space and as a result prices are unnaturally suppressed. This might be one reason why Titan (a major retailer in India. Part of Tata group) has been able to execute a major land grab. On the online video section of IBNLive which is a CNN platform in India all video clips are sponsored by the watch maker. The catch is that all clips are preceded by the same commercial and this becomes tiresome after a point. Now if people only watched a few videos per session this would be no more than a minor irritant. But I watch at least 6 each time I visit the site (this is the only way for me to catch up on the happenings in India) and hearing the same jingle over and over again does nothing but annoy me. Is Titan smart in hogging cheap media? Is this helping their brand? What if they bought the media but created different commercials, would that help?

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