Words Kick Video’s Ass

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Having A/B tested this 38 times I can confirm:

In every single test, video outperforms words.

(even when the video isn’t great.)

There is something so emotionally compelling about videos that words simply can’t compete.

Yet, overall, words rule.

Here is the highly complicated math.

On a scale of persuasiveness:

On a scale of agility (meaning, how many times one can tweak words versus video):

Net effect:

Bottom line: Don’t focus too much on creating that next video. It’ll take a lot of time and money. Instead, focus on improving your written story. No matter how good you already think it is, it can be 10% better. And then, when one day, you’ll wake up and think, “woman, I’m really happy with my story” that’s the point when you should make a video and crush all metrics.

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