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  1. The real question is why the other unnamed company is so profitable that they can afford awesome marble banks in California with their profits, but these guys can’t even earn a living wage.

    There’s no shame in making a profit.

    If you do feel ashamed of making a profit, then it shouldn’t be a surprise when you end up earning $6 an hour.

    If it’s a question of pricing, then they should raise their prices to closer match the profitable company.

    It’s probably not that the other unnamed company pays drastically less, because look at what those guys are making.

    And finally, it would be expected that their traffic would jump seasonally, so I don’t know if that’s a good indicator or not.

    I’m also sort of thinking to myself, “I wonder what kind of awesome seeds that other company has that makes it where they can buy bank buildings? They must be pretty good!”

    Price and/or perception of success is a quality signal when other information is lacking.

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  2. From their site: “Mom & Dad’s self built 550 square foot home. They built and own a 15 million dollar annual company and pay themselves $6 an hour and live very modestly, hoping to be an example.”

    Like the earlier commenter, I was questioning their success too until I read that statement. From poking around their site it appears that they are both very successful and very frugal. While it’s not my preferred lifestyle, business does seem to be healthy.

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