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  1. I was shopping for a clock and went into the bombay co and found just what I was looking for. This week, we had to change the time on our clock,and once the time was changed, it wouldn’t work any longer!!! I took it back to bombay today,and found out,not only could I not get a replacement for my clock,the clerk told me too bad, were going out of business,and I couldn’t do a thing about it!!! Any help that I can get from you would be GREAT!!! All I want, is another clock!! Hope to hear from you soon…Sincerely,Helen Watt

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    Helen: I’m no expert on law but I do know when a company goes bankrupt they need to liquidate assets and first pay creditors. I would advice you to visit either Better Business Bureau ( or Consumer Reports ( to get more information. Those sites should also have contact phone numbers. I hope this helps you, sorry about your clock.

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