Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday is a great time to go treasure hunting online. But I wasn’t looking for deals this past Black Friday. Instead, I was searching for the new or unique ways websites were trying to get us to stick around for a bit longer. did something pretty interesting.

I went to their site, searched around for a bit, then moved my cursor to the back button of my Chrome browser to look at some other sites. Before I was able to click, a popup appeared:

Popup on exit

Let’s play a game. Can you spot the difference between that popup and the sale banner that appeared on the rest of the site (see below)?

Sale banner

Do you see it? The banner was only advertising the Black Friday weekend sale while the popup was doing that in addition to saying, “PLUS: Get A Bonus Cat Toy with Every Purchase.” For some shoppers, that added bonus may have been enough to keep them on the site. used Choreographed Experience by showing this popup only when I moved my cursor to exit the site. The unexpected popup grabbed my attention and, as a result, I saw a piece of compelling information. Have you considered doing something similar on your site? All it takes is a little bit of HTML or JavaScript.

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