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There’s no doubt that customer reviews generate conversions. is a product page with 75 reviews.  But understands that sometimes a potential buyer might have a question that isn’t answered in a review, or is too time consuming to locate.  And this is why they have a feature called ASK a Question on the product page–

On click–

For this particular product customers have asked 16 questions, received 82 answers, and generated 164 comments.  Here’s why I love ASK a Question feature–

1: The standard format is that a visitor enters a site, seeks to answer their questions and leaves if their questions remain unanswered.  Now, they can post their unique question and receive a quick reply.

2: In order to be notified with a reply the question poster must leave their contact info.  What would have been an abandon is now a warm lead.

3: Questions are answered by customer community + site staff.  Every time a new question is posted the community is notified, which prompts them to visit (generating brand recall.)

4: In the traditional format customers with questions call customer service who end up answering the same question 50 times.  Now, once a question is posted and answered the next customer doesn’t have to call your customer service team.

5: Most product pages remain static and become stale over time.  Now, your product page can improve in richness as more questions and answers are published.

An interface like this is especially useful for products with technical features.

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  1. This a fabulous and convenient feature for customers. Not only are you integrating your own social media platform that will inform and build relationships with your customers, but also providing fresh new content with potential keywords that can improve your site’s search rankings.

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