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Every day I visit one eCommerce site to do a quick audit (against a list of best practices). This morning I visited and found absolutely no shortcomings on their site:

Site traffic: 223,451 unique monthly hits – Good
Site navigation: above average
Product page: has product video – Great
Larger images: check
Features page: well designed numbered feature list
Widgets: compare list – Good
Documentation: positioned at a visible screen location – Good
Outgoing links: I noticed a small error here – product is listed at $169.99 on but at $149 at the recommended online retailer – but this is a quick fix

Essentially the site is good, but is matching best practices good enough?

The marketing manager responsible for probably does not own their ‘Pet Hair Eraser’ cleaner, nor does the designer who built this page, yet they are responsible for adding features that convert browsers to shoppers.

If I were the marketing manager I’d call or email customers who own the ‘Pet Hair Eraser’ and ask questions like: What about the store/website influenced the sale? – product description, price or a knowledgeable sales person.

I’d also enquire about features they found and liked after making the purchase. Finally, I’d thank them for their time by giving a generous discount on an accessory for their Pet Hair Eraser.

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