Minimum Order Amount Allowed is $50

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On if you add an item that’s less than $50 to cart you will be greeted by this jarring message– is a B2B business and they probably have this minimum $50 policy for very good reason.  That said, right next to the message I would have added a link called “Why?”.  And for visitors that click it I would have explained, in the best marketing tone possible why having a minimum order limit of $50 benefits shoppers who buy more than $50 (who probably are the majority of shoppers, which is why they have this policy in the first place.)

What is the lesson here for all of us?  Every business has a set of policies and while those policies make complete sense to people inside that business, and are there for very good reason, they don’t always make sense to the outside world.  Therefore, as marketers, we should always strive to explain why we do what we do.  It’s a conversion boosting strategy.

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