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Tagging As A Selling Tool

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One of the most ubiquitous features of the web 2.0 world is tagging. Tagging is an outside-in way of organizing information. And while tagging my seem like a loss of control over editorial content it is surprisingly robust and effective at organizing data and greatly improves ‘findability’. Thus I don’t understand why retailers are not using tagging. And while Tagging …

The First Sale

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The biggest distinction between online shoppers and non-online shoppers is that those that buy online do it all the time with all kinds of products and those that don’t buy online don’t buy at all. So the biggest part of an online retailer’s job is converting a non shopper. Because once the life long behavior of touch, feel, fit and …

Capturing Intent

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One of the biggest advantages of your online channel is that it records much more than just sales numbers; which is almost the only data captured at the store level.  Ultimately the question retailers need to think about is not “why do people who are interested buy?” but rather “why do people who are interested not buy?”.  Hidden deep in …

Things Worth Tracking

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Forget standard customer segmentation. Your eCommerce site can show behavior in uniquely different ways. Here are a few examples: – Customers that visit a product several times over different days are different from customers that never revisit – Slow versus quick shoppers: browsers that take time reading every single review differ greatly from customers that checkout in 2 minutes – …

Toward Higher Response Rates

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Quantity centric attempts to improve email marketing effectiveness is far too scattered a strategy to ever have metric level dependability. However, it is true that people shop (more) when happy and this is an element marketers could consider when developing email marketing programs. And, it turns out, over a relatively large, related, sample size group behavior is astonishingly predictable. I …

The Slanket

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The average eCommerce site has a 3-6% conversion rate. Most retailers know this. And so, when they want to increase online revenue etailers spend heavily on ad words. But instead of constantly increasing size of the pie why not focus on increasing conversion? After all, if 94% to 97% of visitors are not buying you’ve got bigger problems. There are …

Collaborative Shopping

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When I read the book Why We Buy the author talked about how women shoppers tend to shop in groups heavily influenced by collective peer opinion. It has always bothered me that if this is how women like to shop then why is it that does not allow it (no website allows it). Group shopping with multiple people looking …

Definition – Adoption Latency

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This is the exact opposite of defection latency. This applies to eCommerce retailers that roll out new features or widgets on their site. It takes time before customers completely understand how to use a new widget so even though they might find it very useful there is a delay in permanent behavior change.

Bad New Idea

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 1 Comment is on a quest to create a new site search interface. Thank goodness someone in a sea of retail sameness is making an effort to be different. Unfortunately this particular idea is a dud. Maybe iteration 2 will work better. Search…I typed in ‘cheap gift for mom’ in the search box… and got a lot of crud…….

Memorable Quotes

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If you don’t make it easy for customers to show their support, they won’t. – Andy Sernovitz Discounts and promotions are taxes placed upon brands for being unremarkable. – Kevin Hillstrom Advertising only accelerates the inevitable. – Roy Williams To a worm in horseradish, the whole world is horseradish. Successful marketing is about telling a story that matches your customer’s world …

Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice

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Any consultant would advice against selling something as complex as “Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice” online. The safest way to sell this flavor is to first get people to try it at your store. At first glance not even you would buy it. But PB Loco seems to have found a creative way to convince people this flavor is …

5 Worthless Drill Clicks

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Many retailers like Value City don’t sell online but that doesn’t stop them from making customers waste time thinking that they do…. This is my drill-down journey from their homepage to a product page. Click 1 Click 2 Click 3 Click 4 Click 5