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I’ve talked about the importance of About Us pages many, many, times and each example is a unique way of presenting About Us content.  But, if you have a really short About Us message you may like how bulbman.com displays their About Us content.  I don’t like their content per se but I do like the format in which they display it. Again, this only works if your About Us content is really short. On bulbman.com About Us is a link on the top navigation, and on mouse over they show About Us content as the dropdown—

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  1. Hi Rishi,

    Do you have GA showing About Us pages as either important to converting or popular for other sites?

    I ask because I’d love for that to be true on sprayfoamkit.com but it doesn’t seem to be.

    Plus, an About Us is almost never about wiifm from a customer’s view. On the other hand I do believe people want narrative and something to believe in and help rationalize their choice.

    Thanks, Mark

    1. Post

      Hi Mark, thanks for the comment.

      Mark said: Do you have GA showing About Us pages as either important to converting or popular for other sites?
      Rishi: Yes, absolutely. I’ve done quite a lot of A/B testing on both making About Us pages more effective and driving more attention to About Us pages. If I could work on just one page I would always pick the About Us page.

      I’d also add that a video format of About Us page with founder or CEO talking directly to shoppers is the most effective tactic. Most CEOs are shy about facing the camera, but it really is an effective way to differentiate. Humans are trained to read and be influenced by facial expressions.

      Hope you’re having a good Labor Day.

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