Social Shopping – A New Approach

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Social Networks have helped us all get many more friends than we imagined possible.  But while our friend list is huge it offers little real life benefit.  That’s where TurnTo comes in.  TurnTo leverages the power of these casual networks in a very specific area: online shopping.

TurnTo is based on a simple idea: unknown customer reviews are OK but opinions of friends matter way more.  TurnTo tells you when people you know have experience that could be helpful.

Curious to see how it works? watch the video: has a live implementation, here is a sample product page.

This seems like a novel idea but it’ll only take off if it hits critical mass.  If.

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  1. Very interesting concept, but the implementation is almost invisible on Seems like it’s easier to just email some friends, or use twitter to ask for recommendations-especially when it’s down at the product page level.

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    You are right about the ‘invisible’ TurnTo icon. The advantage with TurnTo, as I see it, is that when you are on a product page it tells you if any of your friends own this very product. The concept will live or die by network effect; if the network is there it will be very valuable and without the network no one will use it.

  3. If they could add it as a widget to some social apps such as facebook or linkedin, then maybe the network would support it. I like the idea, we all ask for suggestions on purchases. Another question I have about the idea- is there a dollar threshold where activity really jumps up? Love the posts…keep ’em coming.

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    They should definitely add an application on Facebook and Linkedin! After reading your comment I went and searched the application database on Facebook and TurnTo does not exist. I wonder if they are developing a widget as we type!

    “is there a dollar threshold where activity really jumps up?” I have no idea.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on the blog, I appreciate it!

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